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The business of Sumitomo Chemical can be traced to 1913. At that time, to reduce the environment problems caused by waste gas exhausted from copper smelting at Besshi copper mine of Shikoku, it manufactured calcium superphosphate from the exhausted gas to provide fertilizer benefit for crop production. Thereafter, their entrepreneurship lasts up to now, namely the enterprise not only aims to pursuing the expansion of interests, but also contributing to the society.
Sumitomo Chemical performs CSR management in implementing the business activities, and strives for the balance development of three areas, that is "Responsibility•Care Activity", "Pursuit of economic interest" and "Social Activity". Moreover, aims at the social sustainability, Sumitomo Chemical promotes the form expected by social environment to provide the whole world with living products and technology of sustainable chemistry.


I Social Contribution

Sumitomo Chemical develops social activities positively from three aspects i.e. "co-existence and co-prosperity with local", "sustainable future-oriented social contribution" and "global enterprise with global businesses". Centered with the three following contributions, "local contribution" for local society, "future contribution" majored with educational support of children, and "global contribution" for international society, Sumitomo Chemical advances the development of various social contribution activities.

In Japan

[1] Post- East Japan earthquake
reconstruction support

Facing the East Japan big earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011, Sumitomo Chemical set up a "social contribution, post-disaster recovery support group", donated 300 million Yen, and carried out various activities for the reconstruction of disaster areas, for example, using food ingredients from the Northeast and North Kanto areas in the company canteen, sending volunteers to disaster areas, providing pesticides and insect nets developed by Sumitomo Chemical with the total value of 150 million Yen for disaster areas for free, etc.

[2] Revitalization of the science education
programs of the local primary and secondary schools

In order to stimulate the interest in "science" of children who shoulder the important task of the future, great efforts were made to carry out a variety of comprehensive chemical enterprise type activities to comply with local needs of the business institutes. For example, accept local high school students for internship and organize "home teaching" of science, etc.

In Japan

[3] Organizing local residents to visit the factory

Organize local residents to visit factories and research institutes, hold local exchange gatherings and participate in local gatherings and other activities, publish information appropriately and communicate with locals, at the same time try to build and maintain good relationship with local residents so as to further their understanding about the company.
Details of activity In Japan & the World

In the world

[1] Revitalizing Africa through
the "OLYSET ™ NET" career

Develop insect nets "OLYSET ™ NET with innovative technology to protect the body from being bitten by insects which transmit malaria, and supply them to Africa-centered areas. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand, this technology was provided freely to Tanzania bed net manufacturers and it had been put into production in 2003 in local areas, which has created 7,000 job opportunities. In addition, part of revenues had been used for primary and secondary school construction and education support activities of eight countries including Tanzania and Kenya (by November 2011).

[2] Support activities of flood-affected areas of Thailand

In order to assist flooded area in Thailand, Sumitomo Chemical donated thirty million yen to Thailand through a non-profit organization named "World Vision Japan" for the emergency supply of food and temporary toilets, etc.

[3] "Sumitomo Chemical Forest"
tree planting activity in Lanongfu of Thailand

From the point of prevention of global warming and preservation of biological diversity, Sumitomo Chemical carried out mangrove tree-planting activities in Lanongfu of Thailand from the beginning of 2008 cooperated with public welfare consortium corporation OISCA.
The tree planting activity area is named after and managed by "Sumitomo Chemical Forest". About 175,000 mangroves have survived in the area of 70 hectares by March 2011. Besides, in order to assist the development of activities and strengthen the communication with local residents, volunteers and visiting missions are scheduled to the tree planting activity area every year since 2008.

[4] Activity of TABLE FOR TWO

In order to improve the equilibrium state of world food, Sumitomo Chemical started to carry out the activities of TABLE FOR TWO from May 2008 i.e. supplying "healthy set meal" in the company canteen. 20 Yen will be donated to primary and secondary schools of developing countries as school meal fee if one healthy set meal is consumed.
In the world
Details of activity In Japan & the World

Responsibility and Care activities

The so-called "responsibility and care activities" refers to the autonomy activities of maintaining and enhancing high product quality, at the same time of ensuring the safety, environmental protection and health during the whole process of development, production, logistics, utilization, final consumption and abandonment of chemicals, and thus obtain the trust of community through communication. Sumitomo Chemical has set goals in five areas i.e. security disaster prevention, labor safety and health, environment protection, chemical safety and quality assurance to realize responsibility and care.
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